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We established our community support programme ‘Building Norfolk’ with a purpose. We commit a % of our profits each year to support the individuals and places that make up our communities when they need it the most - protecting the community concept and ethos for the future generations who call Norfolk home.


Supporting individuals and the localities, in which they live, by way of the provision of services across a variety of areas including the delivery of events to bring communities together. As well as fund-raising or supporting community-based projects.


Engaging with and supporting local schools and educational facilities. Providing mentoring and work placement opportunities, so younger generations gain knowledge and experience to inspire and motivate them for the future.


Ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, ability or financial strength, has access to exercise and healthy nutrition without restriction. We will also support and promote mental health awareness and advocate for well-being at school/work programmes.


Not all budding entrepreneurs have access to the networks or support required to ensure they grow to elevated levels. We will provide guidance and advice in a number of areas, along with funding for some of those businesses that have real scope to not just survive, but to thrive.

What our customers say

I am absolutely delighted with the meals that I have been receiving. I have enjoyed every single one very much. I feel extremely grateful that a team of people I do not even know are reaching out to me and others like me in Fakenham during what can only be described as a very difficult time. My simple words of thank you do not seem to be enough, but they are sincerely meant. THANK YOU!

We can’t thank you enough for this enormous kindness. During these difficult times and with diminished health, to have such a treat is wonderful. Our grateful thanks go to all those that are preparing and delivering our meals in addition to your organisation and the funds that have been released for such a scheme.

As Her Majesty The Queen's representative I would like to thankyou for the wonderful contribution you have made to the county during these extraordinary and challenging times. Daniel, Jody and all your amazing staff - Norfolk owes you all a profound debt of gratitude for your quite outstanding service in your community. -Phillipa, The Lady Dannatt MBE

HM Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk

Covid-19 support

2 min read

Wellbeing is one of the key pillars of our building Norfolk initiative, so we stepped in to help support those in need, with nutritious meals to ensure that they would stay safe, healthy and...

Fitness & resilience

Wellbeing, Education
2 min read

As a team of builders we are physically strong, but mental fitness is equally as important, so we challenged ourselves, with our physical fitness, to raise awareness and money, to support...

Protecting the future

Environment, Wellbeing
1 min read

Making Tennis a sustainable sporting opportunity in Fakenham for the future generations who call Norfolk home.

Building Confidence through play at Fakenham Infant School

3 min read

In August, when as a team we completed our 100K push up challenge, we pledged to support a local group of young people, within an educational setting, with a focus on wellbeing - and it is for...

Nature & Nuture at Burnham Market Primary School

3 min read

Burnham Market is a village, most known for its picture-perfect setting, just a stone’s throw from the coast along with its numerous boutiques and restaurants that appeal to visiting tourists,...

Supported learning: future growth

Education, Growth
1 min read

In January, when another lockdown was announced, we felt we wanted to look at supporting the areas of the community, that were likely to face a long-term severe impact, so when we became aware...

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Building Norfolk is a non-profit community initiative operated by Grocott & Murfit. We commit a % of our profits to the programme, in addition to raising funds via sponsorship activation on an annual basis. All funds received will only be used for community initiatives that our directors jointly agree to support across the four pillars the programme represents: Environment, Education, Wellbeing & Growth.

Building Norfolk is a registered Community Interest Company Registered in England 12542920. Building Norfolk is not a registered Charity.

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