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Building Norfolk – Community support during Covid-19

The past few weeks have been unlike anything any of us have ever endured. Norfolk is a beautiful county, and many of you have chosen this as your home, for its expansive wide, open spaces, stunning coastline and fresh local produce, made available across the array of amazing pubs, restaurants, cafes and bistros, that help make up our thriving local communities.


All this pales into insignificance right now, with Government lockdown in place, restriction on movement and social distancing causing closure to a number of businesses – your home is your base for the foreseeable future and all of those wonderful things that make Norfolk such a vibrant place to be, are well out of reach.


As a business we care deeply about community. We help people build homes in villages and towns, where community is at the heart, whether that be a local sports centre, tennis club or public house. These places are the glue that hold everything together and where the community spirit that makes Norfolk special comes to the fore.


When Grocott & Murfit were forced to down tools due to Covid-19, we decided we needed to do something positive to help, so for the last few weeks we have funded and delivered hot meals to those most vulnerable members of the community. Collaborating closely with The Chequers Inn at Binham and The Gallows in Fakenham our team have provided close to 50 hot meals each and every week day. A small gesture but one which is deeply humbling to us all, particularly when we receive such heartwarming feedback.


We aim to keep this initiative running for as long as possible and it’s becoming increasingly sustainable thanks to our own employee contributions and those of a number of local partners, including Bill Cleyndert, The Anson Charitable Foundation, Black Dog Computer Services, JMC Garden & Landscape Services, The Hempton Bell, Joppa Lodge 1114 and various private individuals. This testament to the strength of character of the people and businesses that call this fine county their home.


As we move through the coming months and emerge stronger together on the other side, Grocott & Murfit are developing a longer term community support programme, which we have named ‘Building Norfolk’. We look forward to sharing this with you in the near future.


Stay Safe.


To find out more about our community hot meals service, please contact: info@grocottandmurfit.co.uk

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