Croft House, Wells-Next-The-Sea

Sara and Gerry:


Grocott and Murfit are just finishing a major house remodelling and extension project along with a full re-landscape of the garden area of our home. It was a big undertaking and involved extensive co-operation between many parties not least the local council . Grocott and Murfit’s team worked well and professionally with all the branches involved.  All the guys were friendly and very approachable and we felt we had found a builder whom we can trust.


We were not onsite for the majority of the build and even now as the project ends we have been very relaxed to have the team in and out of the house without our presence knowing they treat the building with care and respect.  They are a great team of tradesmen , being lovely to work with and always tidy and conscientious in their work. We would have no qualms in working with Grocott and Murfit in the future for any projects and happily recommend them to others.




We have worked alongside Grocott and Murfit on several projects of various scales over the last few years. At all stages of the projects we have found the team to be a pleasure to work with, having a level of respect for the client, design, and consultant teams which fosters excellent working relationships. The way in which their company is structured and their dedication to training their own team leads to a conscientiousness in their work which gives me as a designer trust that they will make decisions that are for the betterment of the project and in the client’s best interest, and that they will consult with me on all major decisions where needed.


They are an engaged part of the team from the start, assisting in achieving cost reductions where necessary with a very transparent approach to the financial aspects of the project, whether on small or large projects.


We hope to continue to have a long working relationship with the team at Grocott and Murfit, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


Hope that helps. Good luck!