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Fitness & resilience

As a team of builders we are physically strong, but mental fitness is equally as important, so we challenged ourselves, with our physical fitness, to raise awareness and money, to support projects within our county and the result? 100,163 push-ups in 31 days.. now that’s what you call a team effort!


Physical fitness and mental fitness go hand in hand – helping to build feelings of resilience and overall well-being. This has never been so relevant as right now, as we emerge slowly from lock-down and begin to resume a sense of self.


Our well-being pillar supports the promotion of mental health awareness, advocating exercise as a core enabler of strong mental fitness and resilience to life’s challenges, whilst our Education pillar, aims to inspire, support and motivate.


Building Norfolk – push up challenge


Our Building Norfolk initiative is designed to support our communities when they need it most, so to highlight the importance of mental fitness, last month we challenged ourselves as a team, physically – to complete 100,000 push ups which we shared online using the #TeamGandM #pushupchallenge #BuildingMentalFitness #BuildingNorfolk but we didn’t stop there.. the final total was actually 100,163 push-ups in 31 days, quite a feat from an amazing team!


So what next?


We are incredibly proud that the whole team took part in one way or another, particularly those that didn’t naturally find it so easy and that, as a combined effort, we raised close to £1000. We have already pledged to support a local infant school, in creating a wellness area to support the children for whom the last months of the spring/summer terms were highly disrupted which we hope will help in some way with their mental wellness and resilience moving forward out of an extraordinary period of our lives, but this is just the start and we always strive to do more, so watch this space and show your support on our socials @grocottandmurfit  it’s also not too late to pledge your support https://bit.ly/TeamGM-PushupChallenge

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