Inspirational building design

Additions to a Norfolk property


We upgraded part of an existing space on this beautiful North Norfolk property. We took care that the new design complimented the original building using both traditional and interesting materials. In addition, we applied unusual construction techniques and detailing.


An unusual use of traditional materials


With skilful workmanship, the flint and brick horizontal bands are laid along the width of the building. The flint line placed directly up to the aluminium window and door frames giving an overall uninterrupted design. The result is a visually striking design, however, harmonious within the existing architecture.


Take a look


With its majestic grain and sturdy qualities, iroko wood was the choice for the door. The hand made door takes you through to the back of the property.  On approach, the port hole adds character and intrigue to the design. The flint and brick banding design carried through out.


Zinc material is used for the new pitched roof and box guttering. It has excellent corrosion resistance and overall, little maintenance required. The material is aesthetically pleasing alongside the existing slate tiles of the original building. The depth of the zinc guttering balances and frames the overall composition of the extension.


Made to measure


The large top hung timber sliding doors, designed and made to match the existing gate. A timeless construction and sturdy structure, handmade to fit the space perfectly. The doors are light to operate due to the tracking system supporting the weight and strain. In addition, the doors are secure, they can not be lifted from the track.


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