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Nature & Nuture at Burnham Market Primary School

Burnham Market is a village, most known for its picture-perfect setting, just a stone’s throw from the coast along with its numerous boutiques and restaurants that appeal to visiting tourists, however as with many other similar villages and towns that have become popular hotspots for property investment, there is a secondary story – one which places the community at the heart.


Rural small schools often face different demands to many larger schools because of the more central role they play in their local community. In such contexts, the school is more embedded and significant to community life than larger schools – across Norfolk, there are a number of schools that cater for students from families suffering from socio-economic issues and Burnham Market Primary School is no different.


Many children, that are from families that are classed as disadvantaged, often fall short in their learning and require additional support to help them achieve the levels of attainment required to progress in the future, with teachers constantly having to find creative ways to help close the gap, whilst supporting all children at differing levels of learning in their classroom – often wearing multiple hats to help ensure that their school meets the standards of expectation required.


When we were contacted late last year, by the chair of the PTA at Burnham Market Primary, we were immediately inspired to help, with their cause, meeting a number of key criteria that Building Norfolk sets out to support, across all four pillars: Environment, Education, Wellbeing & Growth.


The school, have a number of Children, that require specialist intervention to help them learn, often in a quiet, 1:1 setting – however it is running out of space, with intervention support requirements increasing YOY.


For sometime the PTA have been fundraising to for a ‘Nurture Room’ however as with many other community groups, Covid-19 has had a severe impact on fundraising opportunities.


Building Norfolk, in close consultation with the school, have stepped in to help, designing a beautiful outdoor area, one which will have a lasting impact on the development of the young people in the area. We have taken time to understand the needs of the students and the school and have created a practical space with tactile and sensory elements that are much needed for some children to be able to learn effectively – setting them on the path for future success.


Whilst we have pledged a sum of money to support the project, we still have some way to go to make the project a reality – we are working closely with our suppliers and trusted contractors, to help donate materials and labour, but you can help too!


We have established a just giving page, to help support the PTA in raising additional funds for the project.http://bit.ly/BM-NurtureRoom


We look forward to sharing more details of this wonderful community project in due course.

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