Paragraph 55, Billingford

On the outskirts of Billingford in a peaceful meadow surrounded by mature trees, was the most unlikely of building plots. Ordinarily, any dream to build a home on unspoilt countryside such as this would be impossible within local planning laws – unless it could be considered to significantly enhance the setting by reflecting the highest architectural standards.


Burfield House achieved planning approval under Paragraph 55 (now Paragraph 84) of the UK’s National Planning Policy Framework, which permits designs that are truly outstanding or innovative to be built in open countryside.


“Clad in cedar, the property only looks better with age,” says Grocott & Murfit Co-Founder Daniel Grocott. “It was a fascinating build using a pioneering ‘U-Build’ modular construction system developed by Studio Bark. It’s the second largest project ever completed using this system. We enjoyed working collaboratively with the Architects and the client to see this new sustainable building approach come to life.”


“The eco-sustainable technical aspect of the home build’s functionality respects the environment and gives way to a greener lifestyle. The interior is very cleverly open to its natural surroundings and views, extensive to the majestic oak framed fields and Bintree Woods beyond. The upstairs hidden terrace affords the privacy to be part of the expansive sky scenery and observe the birds in flight and ground wildlife beneath. The summer dusk spectacular performances of the bats circulating the courtyard finally gives way to the curtain call of night and with a full moon the house interior is floodlit magically drawing the outside in. Altogether a very clever home design, built with expertise understanding and sensitivity for the environment.” Client


Architect: Studio Bark

Modular Timber Frame by U-Build