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Sustainable buildings


Specialists in the design and development of sustainable building projects that protect the natural environment, reduce your carbon footprint with increased energy efficiency and contribute to enhanced wellbeing benefits for your family.

Future proofing the planet

In the last decade, awareness and demand for green buildings has grown exponentially, with customers wanting to make a minimal impact to the planet, whilst ensuring that their home is as efficient as possible. Technical innovation, supports this increasing appetite for a sustainable construction offering and we are fully accredited with a number of organisations, that support these projects such as the award winning Passivhaus build model. These commercial innovations within the industry, coupled with increasing M & E technologies, mean that many options for sustainable projects are now much more accessible than before.

Cutting edge technology

In addition to the external fabric of your building, there are a number of operational elements you can choose for your home, which will ensure that the building is as effective as it can be, from both an environmental and occupancy POV. Mechanical Ventilation/Heat Recovery (MVHR) pulls fresh filtered air into a building whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used for heating, whilst Air Source Heat Pumps are fast becoming one of the most popular energy technologies, utilising energy from the air or ground outside your home and converting it into heat. Biomass & Solar energy solutions are also key in minimising your carbon footprint, contributing to the longer term sustainability of your building.

Live your best life

In depth research studies suggest that the modern technologies now more commonly seen utilised within sustainable buildings have increasing wellbeing benefits for occupants – leading to better cognitive function and productivity. Passivhaus style living has been cited for both its physiological and psychological benefits, whether in a residential or commercial setting with lower levels of light pollution and increased air quality leading to better circulation, respiration and deeper sleep, in turn lowering stress levels and supporting the bodies natural repair process. The feel good green effect, is so much more than just thinking you are doing your bit for the planet, your physical health will reap the rewards too!


At Grocott & Murfit, we have invested heavily into ensuring that our team, ably led by our M & E Director Danny Wyer are fully trained and accredited in the most advanced forms of energy efficient systems, providing a positive contribution to your lifestyle and the environment. Danny oversees all of our installation projects to ensure that our clients are informed of the most effective options for their new home and that the finished build meets the most exacting standard in efficiency available on the market, even down to the finer details such as the provision of car charging points for your electric vehicle.  


M & E Director – Danny Wyer

As a business, we strive to ensure that we always support local communities via our Building Norfolk programme and our projects and associated supply chains are always fully assessed and managed to minimise our own environmental impact.

‘Building Norfolk – our pledge to protect the environment for future generations’

Daniel Grocott

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Winner UK Property Award 2020-2021 'Residential Build Norfolk'

North Norfolk

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Established in 2007 by an architecturally trained designer and a skilled builder, we have built an award winning team of the best tradesmen, skilled and equipped with knowledge of the most up-to-date techniques and finest building materials available, producing some of the finest and most sustainable building projects in Norfolk.


We understand that exceptional projects require exceptional standards and therefore you will require a team that you can trust, to align to your vision and to completely understand how to build a home to be proud of. We work with and guide our clients, at every step, from day one, involving them as much as they want to be and upon completion of the build, we help realise interiors to complete the inside of a home to the highest standards. We bring your ideas to life with master craftsmanship, creative thinking and the experience to call upon during unforeseen challenges.


Grocott and Murfit are Norfolk-born professionals; we live here too, proudly serving our county, knowing exactly what it takes to inject a little bit of Norfolk charm into our building projects.

Existing buildings can have site-restriction issues that a new build wouldn’t have and timings can also vary greatly according to details like the number of storeys and rooms. Additional considerations are also to be made, such as, whether the build is to remain in character of the existing, older building, or in a new style of construction? Your architect should be able to give you a rough idea of build-times, but we can give you a good indication according to what time of the year the build starts after taking a look at your plans.

Your architect was probably given a budget, but a design can vary massively when it comes to actually building it. We don’t charge a fee to quote for your work, and while we’re probably not going to be the cheapest, we won’t be the most expensive, despite the quality of our work and the expertise within our team. We will give you a good honest price and assurance that you’re getting our full attention and skill-set when we start.

Most of our focus is on our doorstep here in North Norfolk, but we’ve completed projects around the wider County and we would be more than interested to learn more about your project, wherever it is. We would prefer to use our own tradesmen for projects we take on, so we try to stay within sensible travel times of Fakenham, but we would consider working further afield for the right project.

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The quality of craftsmanship is of a very high order and we are not surprised that it has been nominated for an award. Jody and Daniel have put together a team whose great skill and attention to detail is excellent and whose constantly cheerful and positive approach always lifted our spirits. Dan’s contribution has been enormous and his calm approach and thoroughness have helped us through some difficult times.

Rob & Jane


Our partners Arcadia Home & Living can help you put the finishing touches to your home, with a range of exceptional interiors, including Luxury Contemporary KitchensBespoke Hand Built Kitchens and Beautiful Bathrooms, to suit your unique lifestyle.


With a stunning showroom in North Norfolk, conveniently situated in between the market town of King’s Lynn & the City of Norwich, the designers at Arcadia Home & Living would love to welcome you and help put the finishing touches on your project.

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