Reeves Barn, Wighton

A renovation project set completely off-grid, this barn conversion came with challenges that the Grocott and Murfit team relished – showcasing our team’s expertise in M&E solutions as well as experience and excellence working to sensitively restored buildings whilst providing modern day living requirements expected from clients.

Reeves Barn, a redundant agricultural barn renovation project culminating as a charming and elegant residence. The project utilised a range of Proclima Intello Plus airtight membranes, SteicoTherm wood fibre insulation and Isovit / SecilTek lime based render systems to achieve a high level of airtightness while allowing the solid external wall structure to remain breathable.

The air test achieved 2.04 m3/hr/m2 to the main barn, well below  in conjunction with the MVHR system.


Reeves had no incoming electric, water or BT. The water for the barn is supplied via a borehole and pumping/filtration system. The electric is provided via a specialist solar PV and battery system. This is the type of system used on ships and is hyper efficient. It is called a Victron system. Both these sources are completely “off-grid” meaning there was no monthly bills for the home owners.

The heating and hot water is powered by a Windhager wood pellet biomass boiler. The pellets are supplied from renewable sources and must be EN plus A1 approved. The heating was also offset by the inclusion of a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system which redistributes warm air, introduces fresh air and removes stale air as required. The main heating emitters were under floor heating systems throughout the ground floor and high efficiency radiators on the first floor.

The controls for all of the systems are remote WIFI enabled and are smart and intuitive, so they learn the most efficient way to run and conserve energy.

All of the water outlets, taps and showers etc are low water use to conserve water and reduce waste.

The internet services are provided by a Starlink receiver which accesses high-speed internet by using a constellation of satellites in low-earth orbit. There are monthly sub-ascription fees for this service.


“The quality of works carried out on site were exemplary in particular the brick and flint works, the repairs to the oak wall plates, trusses and purlins & the lime plaster works. The quality of the finished product was excellent.” Richard Utting Associates LLP, 2024


“Throughout the duration of the project, Grocott and Murfit exhibited remarkable attention to detail, ensuring that every restoration and renovation decision was made with the utmost care and consideration. They worked closely with myself and the client, as well as with heritage authorities and other stakeholders, to address any challenges that arose and found creative solutions that honoured the building’s unique history. I am writing to recommend Grocott and Murfit for any project requiring meticulous attention to detail, respect for historic structures, and an exceptional understanding of architectural sensitivity.” Tom Ground BA (Hons) Dip Arch ARB