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Supported learning: future growth

In January, when another lockdown was announced, we felt we wanted to look at supporting the areas of the community, that were likely to face a long-term severe impact, so when we became aware of an appeal that Fakenham Junior School had launched, seeking support for Children who were struggling with the effects of school […]

Nature & Nuture at Burnham Market Primary School

Burnham Market is a village, most known for its picture-perfect setting, just a stone’s throw from the coast along with its numerous boutiques and restaurants that appeal to visiting tourists, however as with many other similar villages and towns that have become popular hotspots for property investment, there is a secondary story – one which […]

Building Confidence through play at Fakenham Infant School

During the latter part of last term, when home-schooling became a normality for the majority, not just the few, some Children were only just beginning their school lives and the disruption and return to a home environment, when so much preparation had gone in to building and growing their confidence really set them back, particularly […]

Protecting the future

Making Tennis a sustainable sporting opportunity in Fakenham for the future generations who call Norfolk home.   ​Community hubs, where people gather to learn, socialise and share common interests are the glue, that hold everything together and where the community spirit that makes Norfolk special, comes to the fore – our Environment pillar, aims to […]

Fitness & resilience

As a team of builders we are physically strong, but mental fitness is equally as important, so we challenged ourselves, with our physical fitness, to raise awareness and money, to support projects within our county and the result? 100,163 push-ups in 31 days.. now that’s what you call a team effort!   Physical fitness and […]

Building Norfolk – Community support during Covid-19

The past few weeks have been unlike anything any of us have ever endured. Norfolk is a beautiful county, and many of you have chosen this as your home, for its expansive wide, open spaces, stunning coastline and fresh local produce, made available across the array of amazing pubs, restaurants, cafes and bistros, that help […]

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